‘Let dogs be dogs’ Muddy Dog Challenge – 6th May

Doggie gallery

It’s really important to let dogs be dogs! With that in mind when a friend of mine informed me of the Battersea Muddy Dog Challenge we didn’t hesitate in putting our names down! I mean what dog wouldn’t enjoy a mud run?! We decided to run as a team, my partner and I with our dog Chip and our two friends with their dog Jasper we called our team name ‘Jip’. I have taken part in many obstacles races in my time and a few half marathons so this was right up my street and with the added pleasure of taking our dogs – just perfect!

The race took part at Wollaton Hall, Nottingham but they host others all over the country. All proceeds raised go to the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home charity so again another reason for entering.

The day itself started out a bit dreary and chilly weather wise but once we got there and our dogs saw the course the excitement on their faces was well worth the journey. Our wave number was called and we headed to the warm up area. It was all rather amusing with some of the exercises they had us doing it was definitely not your normal race start! Anyway then we were off! All dogs were kept on leads so we stuck together as a team we jumped in murky water pools, climbed through muddy cages and smashed our way through the woodland terrain. It was brilliant! At one point Chip was so excited and running so fast down a hill I nearly fell over! Somehow, I managed to keep hold of him and stay upright he was definitely enjoying it! Chips pal Jasper loved it too they were not wary of any of the obstacles they completed every one. A proud owner moment. They were not phased by the other dogs either they were too interested in which obstacle was up next and how muddy or wet it was! (Muddier the better obviously)

The end was nearing, the course was 5km but it seemed so quick (mind due it does speed you up when you are being pulled along by your dog!) There was no mention of ‘heel’ on this occasion!

Two muddy dogs later and four foul smelling runners we had completed the course!  We collected our medals and received a lovely rosette for each dog; we wanted to go round again! Luckily, there were wash stations close by before heading back to the car – I did not really fancy the journey back covered in mud and stinking.

As a team, we raised £400 for Battersea Dogs home, which was a great result. I would definitely recommend anyone with dogs to sign up to this challenge next year it was great fun and the dogs were in their element. It’s really important especially being a groomer to let dogs just be outside and get dirty and enjoy the great outdoors (yes of course we bathed the dogs properly when we got home haha)  but they really did have such a great time just being dogs, being free to do what they love! Good on Battersea for creating such a unique and brilliant event! Next year anyone?

Team Jip x

Annie Nodwell, Benjamin Alder, Gina Hallam, Myles Clay.

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