So far, so good!

We have been open just over a month now and what a month it has been. The support has been incredible and we have already met so many gorgeous dogs! The weeks leading up to the opening was busy to say the least we had to revamp the whole salon and make it our own (which knowing how particular I am was a task in itself). I had my own ideas in my head and knew the look I wanted to achieve so putting this into practice was exciting and challenging! To those of you who don’t know the area Workshop 3 used to be a bookshop so when I got the keys it was a complete blank space all in bright yellow I’m afraid that had to go! With a lick of paint a touch of plastering and the help of my dad’s building skills we managed to create what I think is pretty impressive. I wanted a warm yet contemporary feel which was clean yet classy I’m not a pink and pretty type of girl so grey was always going to be my key colour with a touch of wood and black and white ( to coincide with my logo ). I wanted the salon to be cool and unique to other salons so I incorporated some prints from an amazing artist on the walls and kept the whole room quite simple yet sophisticated. I’m really chuffed with how it’s all turned out but me being me I already have lots more ideas on what else I need and how I’m going to expand the business!

The turnout for the open day which was Saturday June 17th was great! We had so much support from friends family and Oundle residents and of course many local dogs! They seemed to love the salon too.  The weather was also exceptional which added to the feel. My first week of business was incredible I was booked up every day I couldn’t believe it word must have got out and fast! Since then business has been steady every week and I’m getting more and more enquiries every day. I feel really positive about the rest of summer and early autumn months at this rate I will be employing an assistant! I have had so many lovely dogs in the salon all breeds and sizes! The dogs have all left happy and their owners have been pleased with the results which shows in the amazing reviews on social media I have already received. The plans for the future of Hareloch are big I don’t want to give too much away but this is only the beginning. I have so many ideas and ambitions I have to keep reigning myself in and remembering it takes time but I’m so positive and so happy of how it’s all going, and I finally have my dream job and business in my home town. I couldn’t have achieved any of it without the help and support of my close friends and family they have been brilliant I am so lucky to have them around me (you know who you are). Also my number one boy and shop assistant Chip he has adapted to his new job so well and as always is forever by my side and is outstandingly well behaved and happy.  The possibilities and future of Hareloch Grooming are endless and all I’m going to say is watch this space…..

Annie and Chip


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