My boy chip!

So it suddenly  dawned on me the other day whilst trying to think of my next blog post that I hadn’t written one yet on my beautiful boy Chip! Not only is he the main mascot for Hareloch Grooming it’s also his birthday coming up next month so I thought it was rather fitting. He will be 2 on November 10th and the time has flown!

I remember the very first day we picked him up he came from a gorgeous old farm ‘Chywoon’  up in Cumbria from a lady called Carol Smettem  who breeds dogs and who knows everything there is to know about breeding and training them! We discovered this place after my dad brought Brough (chips uncle) many years ago who is also a Flat Coated Golden Retriever cross (For those of you who didn’t know what breed Chip was) We didn’t actually plan on getting a puppy so soon it was very last minute when we heard there were two boys left in the litter we decided to drive up and go see them, once we saw his little nervous cute face we knew we simply had to take him home he stood at the back of the stable and wasn’t as confident as the others which was another reason we were drawn to him. When I say getting a puppy wasn’t planned my boyfriend Ben had already been out and brought a bed, toys, blanket and a bowl…. Haha he must have known!

So Chip was a very quiet shy puppy we didn’t really know we had him. He was toilet trained in a week and he was so good in the house he never liked to stray far from us ( nothing has changed there!) but we took him everywhere with us,  he loved travelling in the car and going to the pub! I think that’s why he is so sociable now he loves everyone and adapts in new environments well. He is very sensitive though if we open a door the wrong way or put a cardboard box in the way he will not walk past it! It’s fair to say he loves his routine and his home comforts especially his horse!! ( fluffy toy horse, not a real one haha) oh and his blanket which he carries to bed with him every night. He actually wraps it around him sometimes too he’s very clever oh and in the morning he usually howls or yawns very loudly just to make sure we know he’s awake. He is never in a rush to get out of bed though! Such a teenager.

He loves the outdoors,  the river and exploring in the wilderness particularly the beach and the river in Scotland where we holiday occasionally. One of his favourite places is the Grey Mares Tail which is a hillside hike up a beautiful waterfall leading to a Loch ( the inspiration for my website ) He is a very good swimmer and is courageous when he’s out in the countryside. Always carrying something too.

His breed is quite rare I don’t see many but I have to say it’s a great combination he is very laid back like the Golden Retriever and has an amazing shiny black coat like the Flat Coated Retriever. He takes after his dad ‘Ranger’ who is very handsome ( I know I’m biased! ) Good stock Carol!

To say that I’m proud of Chip is an understatement he amazes me daily and makes me laugh with his quirky little ways. I also have to mention his ability to jump he jumps so high and by command I’m not really sure where it comes from but he is very good at it! He comes to the salon every day with me  (in fact he rarely leaves my side in general ) and is so well behaved and welcoming to the customers both humans and dogs! They say that dogs only understand certain commands but I know Chip listens to me and understands what I’m waffling on about even if he doesn’t he does a good job at pretending to! Even when I’m grooming dogs and giving them all of my attention Chip just watches and waits his turn because he knows it’s mums job and that he will always be my number one. I admire him for that.

I’ve grown up with dogs all my life and looking back we have had some amazing dogs in our family but the bond I have with Chip is very special I always knew the bond between man and dog was unique – anyone who has a dog will know what I mean they are part of the family and no matter what your day brings they are always there loving and loyal by your side. When my friends talk about their children I immediately think of Chip I know some people may say it’s not the same but to me it is he is my boy and he really enhances my life so much – dogs have a way of doing that and I wouldn’t be without him not for anything. He makes me happy. If more people were like dogs the world would be a richer happier place.

P.s Next year I think he deserves a brother …..

Annie x


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